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A glass of Fado, two glasses of Bossa Nova, three of some Petiscos.

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Few words about us

Tasca is an idea born in Tallinn by Portuguese People, the main concept is to show some of the Portuguese Food, Drinks and Music and of course the mood. We are a Mix of a Shop,a Cafe and a bar..

A glass of Fado, two glasses of Bossa Nova, three of some Petiscos. As the phrase says :) we at Tasca offer a bit of all that categories.

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"Boa é a vida, mas melhor é o Vinho. / Life is good, but Wine is better."

Fernando Pessoa

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Why people choose us

Come enjoy the soul of Portugal in the heart of Tallinn

Famous Portuguese Cocktails

Portuguese Drinks You Need to Know


Unique and versatile. Some of them come from family recipes, the case of Licor Beirão, the most famous Portuguese liquor, or Macieira, a 140 year-old spirits.

Sweet temptation everywhere.

Are sweets sinful? Not in Tasca.


Portugal is a country where you can barely turn a corner without being lured into another confeitaria or pastelaria for a crisp, oven-warm pastel de nata or a fluffy, bite-size queijada to go with your early morning espresso. At Tasca we recreate this Tradition.

Tastes Like The World

Traditional Portuguese dishes


The food in Portugal is a closely guarded secret. Portuguese cuisine has everything to please even the most discerning palate because it is based on genuine quality products, cooked according to traditional recipes or to the most innovative and unusual trends.

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